Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October!!!

Ok! So not a fun and exciting post! My jobs have overtaken!! But my challenge is to blog everyday!!

I lugged my Halloween decorations up the stairs to my second floor apartment. Kicked my ass!!

Randomness our neighbor has a life size Jason in their apartment! How awesome is that? Life size with the sound effects and everything!

They leave it up all year. I have quite a few things I leave up all year. How about you???


  1. Hmm..."all year round" I have a cinnamon broom hung on the wall by my front door, a crystal ball and little witchy things like wick snips, candle snuffers and a mortar/pestle set around on tables. Since my kids got older I really only decorate for the winter holidays (and even that is done in our shorts). Living in sort of lose your sense of the seasons. I am going to love sneaking up North to see the Autumn leaves. Squeee---only a couple more weeks to go! :)

  2. That is awesome! I need a crystal ball!!! I would definitely miss fall.. But not winter ;)

  3. I don't keep anything up year round. I used to keep the Christmas lights up, but not anymore.