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DNA: Code Flesh (Part I) Dead Nation’s Army by Alan Dale

Product Description

For years the planet was run by the New World Order, but not to its liking. After mandating the use of death row and life sentenced inmatesas subjects in scientific experiments, the NWO has decided to tighten its grip through its greatest political decision. However, the experiment backfires, leaving the world in the middle of a war stuck in the middle of another war.

Two of those combatants, Bridjett and Shad Alexi, siblings, torn apart by different allegiances both work to find the common ground amidst a war that will soon grow beyond the parameters anyone would have ever imagined.

Having contaminated the "cocktail" used to keep prisoner test subjects, or SCRATS, alive, the NWO hoped to create an army purely under its command. Little did they know the "cocktail" would turn thousands of SCRATS into zombies and lead to a worldwide epidemic of undead walking the earth.

Led by Bridjett and the DNA roving army, the survivors, mostly trapped in various gated communities around the world, await the replenishment of food, medications, and supplies in order to survive the constant threat of zombies on the other side of the wall.

What the DNA didn't expect was the NWO's need to feed the new undead army to keep them compliant. Only what they don't know is Shad Alexi's plans to give the people a fighting chance, even if it involves going against the NWO he fights for. Now, a war for the lives of the remaining humans on earth is waged as government and survivors, battle for the right to claim control for the lives of the people.

The Dead Nations' Army trilogy begins with Code Flesh which examines the origins of the scrat infection and its ultimate growth. It also discusses the many issues that face the world today, such as how the have nots sustain themselves in a world gone dead, the different groups that ultimately arise from the apocalypse, and of course, how to destroy the NWO.

Ladies and gentlemen....the reason why the teaser novella for DNA: Code Flesh will go on sale again on Fathers Day and again go over 4th of July is simple. It is because, yes the book is hoping for sales and it deals with zombies. But, it is also more and meant to represent more. I want to honor parents who do the best jobs they can and raise children who will not be conformists who worry about how they feel and actually get things done. I want to also honor our past, a time when we stood for honor and hard work. Those days are leaving us and we, along with many others in our world, will soon pay the price. Our governments our failing us, the elite are hording all the $, and resources are becoming way more expensive then they should be to line the pockets of rich kids.
The "Dead Nations' Army" series is not just about me writing a book to sell and become a FT author. It is about performing my civil duty to educate. Disagree? Sure. Agree? Great. But either way, pay heed, and use whatever information you choose. On July 5, if the full novel for DNA Book 1: Code Flesh does not have a publisher we will self publish. Until then, please support, and read, and spread the word. The army is here...the Order is here...long live the zombies....for we are them and they are us.

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My Review:

This story is my first zombie read. I have seen movies and TV shows, but had not read a zombie story to date. While I do enjoy the zombie flicks…they are usually all the same, right?

This is different. It’s a fresh look on zombies. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed story. The characters are well developed and as you read you really start to connect with the characters.

The story is well thought out. It is definitely thought provoking.  You can look at the current political and economical state of the US and as you read, you can envision how this could actually happen.   It is fast-paced and the action is awesome.

This story takes you for a thrill ride..

I am anxiously awaiting the next segment.  Whether you love zombies or not…this is a definite read!!!!

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