Saturday, April 14, 2012


Thirteen is my favorite number....yes...I just said that out loud. Friday the 13th is practically a holiday for me. I love when there is a Friday the 13th. I know about it months in advance. I even used to use vacation days (back when I had those LOL) and take the day off. Usually I would either watch a scary movie or go see a scary movie. This year..a little different..I worked.

And I survived! No bad luck or anything!

I also find that Friday the 13th usually gets my creative juices flowing for a horror/scary story. Let's hope I can organize my thoughts into something good. :)

And ironically, I just noticed I have 13 followers. I told you...13 is the best!

So, even though Jason Vorhees is not my top horror villain..I leave you with this image...

I should say that Michael Meyers is my FAVORITE...but Jason is about you guys? Any great or not so great Friday the 13th stories? Favorite villain?

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