Friday, December 2, 2011

The End of Days

OK..So End of Days might be a little dramatic...but I can't believe it is December. The last days of 2011. I have mixed feelings  about that. Nice to end this year. It hasn't been the best year. Last December, I swore to myself a better year..yet 2011 was not it. It was worse. I was laid off in March. I am still unemployed. 2012 is even more uncertain and that worries me more. We shall see..

I didn't finish my goal for NaNoWriMo. Oddly, I am not as disappointed as I thought I would be. I mean I am disappointed, but I have learned so much. One of the biggest things? Just sitting and writing down thoughts to paper, so to speak. No matter what. Even if I don't think it is that great, march forward and write. I have also learned to keep a list of ideas or write a scene and see where it goes. Writer's write. I will never be a writer without any written words! And if I don't like it, hey there is delete button, right?

How about you? Ready for 2012? NaNoWriMo experiences?